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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so effective for both Snoring and Sleep Apnoea?

TheraSnore is clinically proven to eliminate Snoring and treat mild to moderate Sleep Apnoea. TheraSnore is supplied to NHS Hospitals and meets the stringent requirements of the FDA and the Medical Devices Directive.

Just How Successful is TheraSnore?

TheraSnore from Tower Health is achieving an overwhelming success rate, with 98% of users and their partners reporting total elimination of Snoring or a dramatic improvement in the user’s condition and reduction in the Snoring noise.

Is TheraSnore guaranteed to stop snoring?

Yes. TheraSnore has a 60 day money back guarantee. If in the unlikely event TheraSnore does not work for you a full money back guarantee is available less postage and packaging.

How can TheraSnore be as comfortable as you claim?

TheraSnore is one of the most comfortable oral appliances around mainly due to its unique design. TheraSnore only fits on the upper teeth. It does not lock the lower jaw like many other appliances therefore there is not discomfort or lower jaw ache. It is very soft and does not have any rough edges.

When will my Snoring stop?

The first night that you wear TheraSnore your Snoring will stop; remember it will take around 7-10 days before of wearing the appliance all through the night before it becomes second nature.

Can I still breathe normally when I wear the TheraSnore?

Yes. It’s unique patented design allows you to breathe comfortably through the mouth, in fact TheraSnore enhances breathing as it keeps the airway open.

How long will TheraSnore last?

It has a one year warranty and on average the TheraSnore will last 2 Years. We recommend cleaning the stop snoring device every morning after use. Once a week soaking the TheraSnore in warm water with the TheraSnore Cleaning Tablets not only keeps it fresh and bacteria free, it also prolongs the life of the appliance.

What makes TheraSnore the number one appliance in the UK?

TheraSnore from Tower Health has been around since 1987 and TheraSnore today is now the 4th generation appliance. TheraSnore has been fitted to over 1 million sufferers worldwide, making it the number one appliance in the world.