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How It Works

How To Prevent Snoring With TheraSnore

Snoring usually occurs during sleep when our bottom jaw and tongue fall back and the soft tissue blocks the airway at the back of the throat. This narrowing of the airway forces our breathing to get faster and vibrates the soft tissue blocking the airway! – This is what we all know as Snoring.

TheraSnore from Tower Health is a clinically proven way to Stop Snoring and mild to moderate Sleep Apnoea instantly, by preventing the lower teeth and jaw from falling back during sleep – giving you a guaranteed deep, restful and peaceful night’s sleep for you and your partner.

Quick and Easy Fitting – Try it Risk Free for 60 Days

It is a soft, small appliance that is so simple and easy to fit – you simply heat the appliance once, mould it to the upper teeth, position your lower teeth in the correct position and that’s it – you’re ready to have a soundless night’s sleep.

The fitting is only done once and it takes just a few minutes with our clear and easy to follow instructions.

How It Works

You can see from the picture below, there is a soft extendible section on the lower part of the appliance called the “Lingual Post”. This sits behind your lower teeth during sleep, preventing your jaw from falling back. Even if you sleep with your mouth wide open, the teeth and jaw will not fall back. It has 5 settings to choose from, ensuring every Snorer can be helped no matter how severe your Snoring.
Most other appliances hold the lower jaw in a fixed position keeping the mouth fixed shut tight. With TheraSnore you have a lot more freedom with full movement of the lower jaw from side to side allowing you to breathe more easily, opening and closing the mouth as you would normally.


The upper tray of the appliance fits securely over your upper teeth whilst the adjustable lower tray sits behind your lower front teeth preventing the lower jaw from falling back, keeping the airway open during sleep – you just pop it in at night and you’re ready for a good night’s sleep.

TheraSnore is probably the most comfortable solution for Loud Snoring and mild to moderate Sleep Apnoea available today, it cushions your teeth and there are no hard edges to worry about, in fact after just a few nights of wearing it you will hardly notice it at all. Comfort is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to wearing something in your mouth for a whole night.

So Easy to Adjust

TheraSnore from Tower Health is fully adjustable and can be set in any one of 5 positions. It starts off in position 2 which allows the jaw to sit slightly forward, by around 3mm. If it does not stop you Snoring the first time you sleep through the night, simply adjust to the next setting and so on until you find the position that stops you Snoring.


Therasnore Cleaning Instructions (pdf download 54kb)

Therasnore Fitting Instructions (pdf download 450kb)