Mandibular Advancement Device

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There are over 80 mandibular advancement devices on the market however, only a handful have been clinically proven to be effective for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea or apnoea as it is spelt here in the UK.

The mandibular advancement device is usually the preferred first line treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea in many UK hospitals and sleep disorder clinics and nowadays with costs been cut within hospitals many leading doctors recommend snorers to use self fit mandibular advancement devices for the relief of snoring as they work almost instantly.

How does a mandibular advancement devices work?

Mandibular advancement is a simple technique for opening the airway, keeping the soft palate taught and helping your breath more easily and quietly during sleep – thereby preventing snoring and relieving mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea.

Mandibular advancers work by simply advancing the lower jaw known as the mandible forward. By keeping the jaw slightly forward in a comfortable position, the soft palate is also kept taught and prevented from vibrating. It is this vibrating of the soft palate that causes the noise we all know as snoring.

By keeping the airway free and open during sleep, we are able to get oxygen into the body and have a more restful and peaceful nights sleep.

Many sufferers of sleep apnoea also suffer very badly with daytime sleepiness, in fact sleep apnoea is one of the main causes of road accidents when drivers fall asleep at the wheel.

Which mandibular advancement device or splint is best?

Comfort and effectiveness are the main factors when choosing a mandibular advancement device or splint. TheraSnore is only mandibular advancement device that is clinically proven, has 5 adjustable settings and simply self fits to the upper teeth.

The advantage of only fitting to the upper teeth is that the lower jaw is free to move from side to side and therefore it is not locked in one position.

Many of the simple mouth guards sold on the internet are unfortunately just mouth guards, they are not adjustable, nor comfortable and have not gone through extensive clinical trials to prove their effectiveness in the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea.

TheraSnore has been the number one choice of healthcare professionals for over 30 years and is the worlds number one appliance on volume of sales alone. Just 2 years ago the latest self fit model of TheraSnore was introduced so that snorers and mild to moderate sleep apnoea sufferers could use a clinically proven, adjustable and comfortable treatment for snoring at a fraction of the cost that previous TheraSnore professional fitted devices and splints had been charged at.

Here in the UK, TheraSnore has been on contract with the NHS and supplied to many sleep clinics for over 10 years and TheraSnore is still considered the best mandibular advancement device for snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea.

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