Posiform – Positioning Pillow


Posiform is an anti-snoring pillow, designed specifically to encourage side sleeping rather than lying on your back. Supporting you on your side, the pillow’s Apex design allows the head to rest comfortably in a slightly forward titling position, which encourages the tongue to move forward, making it easier to breathe.

How Can The Posiform Pillow Reduce Snoring?

Posiform’s unique Apex design actively encourages you to sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side can significantly reduce the tendency to snore, by allowing your head and tongue to tilt forward, reducing the obstruction of the airways.


Posiform is a durable memory foam pillow, which provides frontal and shoulder support, enabling better sleep whilst sleeping on your side. It comes with two outer cases that are 100% cotton and can be easily removed and are suitable for machine washing up to 60 degrees.


The central ridge down the middle of the pillow makes it feel less comfortable to lie on your back. Lying on your back increases your risk of snoring, as the weight of the tongue falls back, causing obstruction in the airways.


Learn to sleep on your side, for a more restful night’s sleep with the Posiform pillow.


Posiform is:

  • Ideal to reduce snoring which result from sleep position
  • Effective for getting a stable night’s sleep