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Medical Opinion

Clinically Proven to Treat Sleep Apnoea

TheraSnore from Tower Health is not just another Snoring Mouthguard, it is a Proven Treatment for both Sleep Apnoea and Snoring that is fully adjustable, comfortable and fitted quickly within minutes.

Clinical studies have found the TheraSnore to be up to 93% effective for the treatment of Snoring and mild to moderate Sleep Apnoea.

No wonder the Medical Profession are turning to TheraSnore from Tower Health as the alternative Gold Standard Treatment for Mild to Moderate Sleep Apnoea and Loud Snoring. Especially when stop Snoring Surgery and CPAP cannot be tolerated.

If you don’t wake feeling refreshed, if your mild to moderate Sleep Apnoea is not treated, if it doesnt stop your Loud Snoring, simply send it back for your Money Back in Full. Remember you can try TheraSnore Risk Free for 60 Days!

Many hospitals and clinics have been using TheraSnore  as an effective treatment for both Snoring and mild to moderate Sleep Apnoea for over 10 Years, in fact TheraSnore is now the world’s no1 medical snoring device and mild to moderate Sleep Apnoea.

Don’t just take our word for it! SEE THE CLINICAL STUDIES BELOW.

Efficiency of TheraSnore in the Treatment of Sleep Apnoea

Joanna M Battagel TheraSnore for the management of snoring

What our customers say

We have many satisfied customers, please read some of the TheraSnore reviews below:

“The best self fitting device I have used! I have tried many treatments for Snoring and TheraSnore works every time, I feel great every day and no more Snoring!”

Mr Hutsby – Derby

“Snoring was not only ruining my night time, I would often fall asleep at work during the day. Having used TheraSnore for just 2 weeks, my life has been transformed, I feel great”

Mr K Jones – Cardiff

“I have tried many treatments for snoring in the past with limited success. I took the Sleep Apnea test and within 3 weeks was getting treatment and I had my first full nights sleep for 12 years. Your service is really first class”

Mr Peterson – Leeds

“This is a quick message about the success that I have had with the TheraSnore. Since I have started using the device, I must say my wife does not have to nudge me to tell me to roll over at night due to snoring. I also feel like I am getting a better nights sleep and feel refreshed in the morning. I have not felt this way in years. Thanks to Dr. Meade for his ingenious invention!”

Mr Johnson – Peterborough

“For several years now, I have suffered very badly with sleep apnoea and snoring. Despite surgical intervention a few years ago, which gave no long-term solution to the problem, my snoring and lack of breathing has just got worse and worse. It had reached a point where not only was it preventing me from having a restful nights sleep, but my wife had to move to another part of the house to get away from me and the persistent noise !”

Mr Wilmot – Walsall

“I don’t want to sound corny, but since I have had the Therasnore appliance fitted, it has made an incredible difference to my sleep and my relationship with the rest of the family! We are now all getting a good restful nights sleep.

It took a little while to get used to, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but just felt a little strange at first. Cleaning it is easy, just soak overnight every few days to freshen up.”

Mrs Biddlestone – Birmingham