TheraSnore – A Treatment For Mild Sleep Apnoea

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What Is Mild Sleep Apnoea?

When you are sleeping at night your bodies muscles become relaxed. This is essential for a good night’s sleep. If the muscles in your throat relax this could lead to a narrowing of your airway. This may cause snoring, when the airways narrow and eventually collapse this causes apnoea which stands for “without breath”, this causes you to stop breathing briefly. Your body will sense this narrowing or the throat and you will wake up briefly, take a few deep breaths and then go back to sleep before suffocation. The narrowing of your airways can become a regular cycle throughout your night, causing you to lose valuable sleep, interrupting your sleeping pattern and you will often wake up still tired.

Sleep Apnoea oral appliances can help with the treatment of mild sleep apnoea.

What is a Sleep Apnoea Oral Appliance?

Sleep Apnoea oral appliances are also called mandibular advancement devices. It is a dental appliance, similar to a gum shield, and is used to treat mild sleep apnoea.

An oral appliance is worn over your teeth when you are sleeping. It is designed to hold your jaw and tongue forward to increase the space at the back of your throat and reduce the narrowing of your airway that causes snoring.

There are many sleep apnoea oral devices available but the TheraSnore device is the UK’s leading device which is also supplied to the NHS.

Benefits of TheraSnore

There are many benefits of using TheraSnore to help you stop snoring.

  • 2 year life span.
  • Stop snoring guaranteed or we will refund your money in full.
  • TheraSnore is fully adjustable, with 5 different settings to fit any mouth.
  • It is a registered Class 1 medical device, supported with its own clinical trials.
  • Simple and easy to fit, no need to visit a dentist.
  • Supplied to the NHS for over 10 years.

TheraSnore by Tower Health

The TheraSnore device is supplied and distributed here in the UK by Tower Health. Tower Health offer a range of stop snoring treatments, including mouth guards, sprays and nasal strips.

Buy TheraSnore

TheraSnore is available on this website, please click here to visit our products page.

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