TheraSnore Instructions

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Fitting the Self Fit TheraSnore is very quick and easy to do. Full fitting instructions are provided to ensure you can fit your TheraSnore within 10 minutes and Stop Snoring the very same night.

  • Very simple and easy fitting takes only 10 minutes.
  • Can be remoulded over and over again.
  • Impression material in the appliance grips the teeth firmly.
  • Two separate trays, for the upper and lower teeth moulded one at a time.
  • The Lower teeth are not gripped in so you can sleep with your mouth open.
  • Advancement can be made after moulding with adjustable tracks.
  • 2-piece design allows side to side and full movement of the jaw.
  • Advancement range 0 – 7.5mm.
  • Involuntary removal during sleep unlikely because of the tight fit.

TheraSnore Fitting Instructions

The instructions below shows the TheraSnore before it has been fitted. There are two pieces, an upper and a lower. The upper half is fitted to the upper teeth and the lower sits inside the lower teeth, preventing the jaw from falling back during sleep. It is fully adjustable forward or backward by unsnapping the four tracks and snapping them back together in the next position. Being adjustable it guarantees to stop anyone snoring, if it does not work the first night advance it to the next setting and so on until snoring stops.

Instruction Downloads

Therasnore Cleaning Instructions (pdf download 54kb)

Therasnore Fitting Instructions (pdf download 450kb)

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