TheraSnore – The No1 snoring device

Tower Health first introduced the TheraSnore into the UK back in 2002, where it was made available through a network of Professional dental fitting clinics and at a considerable high price of £295.

Today, Tower Health are proud to announce that the TheraSnore is now the world’s leading Stop Snoring device that is clinically proven to treat mild to moderate sleep apnoea as well as severe snoring.

Through its work directly with the manufacturer, Tower Health managed to introduce this No1 snoring device direct to the consumer back in 2007, enabling the very effective stop snoring device to be usedas a self fitting device.

Over 3 million uses world wide

Many thousands Tower Health customers over the years have managed to get the at home professional treatment that they have been searching for at a fraction of the cost of other professionally designed snoring mouthguards, as prices have been seen as low as £49.95, saving £30 on the RRP of £79.95.

The adjustable snoring mouthguard from Tower Health is still considered the most effective stop snoring mouthguard treatment available today with over 3 million users worldwide.

As well as being the most effective snoring treatment, the TheraSnore will also last up to 2-3 years making it one of the most cost effective snoring treatments around.